How high is your level of education?

How high is your level of education?

Can We Guess Your Level Of Education?

How high is your level of education?Levels of education are an ordered bunch of categories meant to group programs of education in relation to the learning experiences, knowledge, skills and competence they are designed to impact. These categories represent steps in educational progression in terms of complexity of the educational content, i.e., the Higher your level of education, the more advanced the programme undertaken. Depending on the country you live in, there are different levels of education, for instance there are 8 levels of education in Wales and England, whereas there are 12 levels of education in Scotland.

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Here is a guide providing you with extensive information about the different qualifications and where they could lead to.

  • Entry level

This is the most basic level of education which provides an introduction into education. It is however not mandatory to undergo.

Qualifications for entry level include:

  1. Entry level Functional and essential skills
  2. Entry level Awards and diplomas
  3. Entry level Certificates
  4. Entry level English for foreign language speakers
  5. Skills for life.

This level is perfect for persons looking to learn a new language as well as those intending to enter formal education.


Level 1

This is the first formal rank in the numbered system of qualifications. It takes about 10 years in high-school to achieve this level

Qualifications for level 1 include:

  1. GCSE (grades D, E, F or G)
  2. Level 1 functional or essential skills
  3. Level 1 awards and diplomas
  4. Level 1 certificates
  5. Level 1 National Vocational Qualification
  6. Music grades 1, 2 and 3
  7. Level 1 ESOL

This level is perfect for anyone looking for further education, aged between 15 and don’t have to complete a full entry level qualification to move to level 1


  • Level 2

Just like level 1,this level also takes about 10 years to achieve

Qualifications for level 2 include:

  1. GCSE (grades A*, A, B or C)
  2. O level (grades A, B or C)
  3. Grade 1 at CSE level
  4. Level 2 functional or essential skills
  5. Level 2 awards and diplomas
  6. Level 2 certificates
  7. Level 2 NVQ
  8. Music grades 4 and 5
  9. Intermediate apprenticeships
  10. Level 2 ESOL

This level is perfect  for those aged 15 to 16 and seeking to further their education

  • Level 3

In centres of further learning, it is achieved in around 12 years. This level shows greater understanding of a particular subject.

Qualifications for level 3 include:

  1. A level (grades A, B, C, D or E)
  2. Advanced subsidiary level
  3. Tech level
  4. Applied general
  5. Level 3 awards, diplomas and certificates
  6. Level 3 NVQ
  7. Music grades 6, 7 and 8
  8. Advanced apprenticeships
  9. Access to higher education diploma
  10. International Baccalaureate diploma
  11. Level 3 ESOL

This level is perfect for those willing to continue with their education after the minimum school leaving age as well as those interested to specialise in a particular subject.

  • Level 4

Shows a higher understanding and level of education that those gained through modules at secondary school level

Qualifications for level 4

  1. Higher national certificate
  1. Certificate of higher education
  2. Level 4 awards
  3. Level 4 diplomas
  4. Level 4 certificates
  5. Level 4 NVQ
  6. Higher apprenticeships

This level is perfect for people intending to progress with their education when they might not have been able to with their previous qualifications.

  • Level 5

Shows a higher knowledge of a subject, beyond that which is taught during secondary school education.

Qualifications for level 5

  1. Foundation degree
  2. Higher national diploma
  3. Diploma of higher education
  4. Level 5 awards, diplomas and certificates
  5. Level 5 NVQ

This level is perfect for anyone looking forward to join University or another form of Higher education

  • Level 6

It indicates that the bearer has graduated from the centre of Higher education as it contains qualifications obtained at degree level.

Qualifications for level 6

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Graduate diploma
  3. Graduate certificate
  4. Level 6 awards, diplomas and certificates
  5. Level 6 NVQ
  6. Degree apprenticeship

This level is perfect for those that desire to gain a degree of Higher level. It is also a gateway to pursuing a master’s degree. This is for individuals that desire to take their knowledge of a subject beyond secondary education level.

  • Level 7

Is attained at an institution of higher education as it refers to a level of education equivalent to a master’s degree.

Qualifications for level 7

  1. Master’s degree
  2. Integrated master’s degree
  3. Postgraduate certificate in education
  4. Postgraduate diplomas and certificates
  5. Level 7 awards, diplomas and certificates
  6. Level 7 NVQ

This level of education is perfect for those looking for a qualification beyond degree level.

  • Level 8

This is the doctorate level of education, commonly known as PhD

Qualifications for level 8

  • Doctorate or PhD
  • Level 8 awards, diplomas and certificates

This level is perfect for those looking forward to achieving the highest formal level of education possible in England and Wales and become a qualified Doctor.


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How high is your level of education?

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How high is your level of education?