Homelessness during teenage and education years

Homelessness during teenage and education years

Life is not a bed of roses, and calamity strikes when you had least expected it to. Millions of students all across the world have to face serious issues during their growing years, such as parental divorce, domestic violence, drug abuse, death of a parent or sibling, etc. One such problem that has been affecting students is homelessness. Unaccompanied homeless youth, also known as UHY, often lack the required amenities and housing facilities that are a must during their growing years.

Consequently, they are unable to fulfill their ambitions of attending a university or college, and they stay dissatisfied for the rest of their life. The lack of proper resources and no assistance of professors further aggravate this issue. Moreover, these homeless youth does not either realize the importance of getting a college degree, and in cases where they do, they are too ashamed to discuss their conditions with another and seek help.

Fortunately, several sources are available, and there are several ways out to make higher education accessible for learners who need some or the other kind of assistance.

Causes of homelessness among students

Every person comes from a different family, culture and background, and consequently his or her conditions in life are also very different. Everyone faces diversified issues which somehow lead to homelessness for the person. In many cases, the sole earning member of the family ends up losing his or her job. In the absence of full-time employment, it becomes difficult to make ends meet; and when the family is living on a bare minimum level, homelessness is an inevitable phenomenon.

On the other hand, for many students, unstable family situations and family conflicts force them to stay away from their parents. How does homelessness make it difficult for the students to obtain a degree? There are various challenges in front of a homeless student, which make it very difficult for him or her to complete the college degree program. Such students have no such thing as year-round housing security, and thus they are always concerned about whether or not they will have some shelter in the future.

Moreover, in such cases, they do not receive the educational support that is much needed, and working for money seems like a viable option to them instead of studying in college.

Available support options for homeless students

There are various sources available for such students, but they should be willing to look around through the system to get the best possible help for themselves. Here are some social services and financial aid approaches that would make it easy for homeless scholars to complete their college and attain a degree.

Campus financial resources

Students who face homelessness during their college years are eligible to apply for various funds and housing solutions for a short term. Off campus financial resources Off campus financial resources are those that are provided by the local or national government, or by some other organisation. Online resources are also available for students to help them solve their problems of finance and homelessness.

Educational support

Abundant jobs are available for students who are facing homelessness, so that they can work and earn money to attain a degree, and then secure a good job later on. Educational support is also provided by the respective schools and colleges in the form of fee concessions and scholarships for the students.


Homelessness during teenage and education years

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Homelessness during teenage and education years

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Homelessness during teenage and education years

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