Here is how you can improve your handwriting

Here is how you can improve your handwriting


Considering the speed with which typing is taking over, beautiful handwriting and calligraphy could well be a thing of the past. Students of the present generation are really not used to writing a lot, as a result of which most of them have poor and illegible hand writing. Another reason behind the poor handwriting of the students is their lack of interest towards penmanship.

Some of the students, as well as their teachers and parents, worry a lot about poor handwriting. And we cannot claim that this concern is uncalled for, since at the end of the day, handwriting does hold its own importance in one’s life. Here are some ways in which you can improve your handwriting, and write answers in exams that are beautiful to look at, and are legible.

Here is how you can improve your handwriting

Practice makes a man perfect

It is no doubt that practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the better you become at things. And this holds true for your lessons, handwriting, creativity, mathematics, etc. Thus, if you want to hone your skills and improve your handwriting, you must practice on your handwriting each day. Write at least a paragraph in cursive handwriting each day, and watch your hand writing improve for yourself.

Using the right pens is crucial

Experts suggest that you have to keep various things in mind while holding the pen. This is a must, since holding the pen in the right way ensures that you will be able to write well also. Using the right kind of stationery is also crucial here. Use pens that you can grip easily; and the pen should also not be very heavy, else you will feel tired after writing just a few words. Also make sure that your pen does not leave behind gel stains, since this could mar the handwriting and make it look really bad.

Do not rush at all

Rushing while writing cannot be avoided in situations wherein you are attending a lecture and you need to take notes, and certain similar situations like this. However, when you have ample time to complete the task, make sure that you don’t rush, or else you will end up with pathetic handwriting. What you need to do to improve your handwriting is to slow down, and ensure that the writing does not get messy at all.

Learn the right way to hold the pen

One major reason behind poor handwriting of students is improper pen grip. This problem usually manifests itself when you are at a young age, and you may not be able to write well your entire life if no one corrects you at the right time. Pay attention to hold your pen the correct way while writing. The correct way to hold a pen is to hold it between the index finger and the thumb, in such a way that the pen rests on the knuckles and the tip of the middle finger. Additionally, do not grip the pen too tightly.


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Here is how you can improve your handwriting

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Here is how you can improve your handwriting

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