Try these tested techniques to help kids gain an interest in their handwriting

Try these tested techniques to help kids gain an interest in their handwriting


A lot of teachers and parents simply cannot bear the sight of the terrible handwriting of their kids. They then start to look for various ways in which they can improve the handwriting of these kids, but to no effect. Students need to develop an interest in their handwriting, so that they can notice the faults in their handwriting for themselves, and work on improving it. We understand your concern as a parent or a teacher over your child’s academic process, but pestering and scolding your kids all the time will only make matters worse.

You don’t really need to worry much, and all that you need to do is take a few steps to encourage your kids to improve their handwriting. In no time, you will see your child boasting about his or her amazing handwriting skills!

Purchase pencils in all sizes

One major reason why young kids have problems with their handwriting is that they really find it tough to grasp the pencil correctly, and as parents, we often overlook this simple problem. No child can write in a beautiful handwriting if they don’t get pencils in their hands that make them comfortable while writing.

The best you can do it purchase pencils in a variety of sizes. Buy regular pencils if your child cannot grasp oversized pencils properly. Golf pencils are smaller as well as lighter, and can prove to be really helpful in improving your kid’s handwriting.

Invest in a good dry erase board for practice

Practice makes a man perfect, and the same holds true for handwriting as well. And the dry erase board is one of the most handy tools that you can invest in, in order to encourage your child to improve handwriting. Children love to write on the board, just like their teachers do, and this board will really encourage them to keep on writing.

Use raised line paper, tracing papers and alphabet books

You definitely must have learnt writing using raised line paper in your childhood. It helps children to size their letters properly, and your kid can also benefit from it. If you find that your child cannot construct letters well, it is advisable that you purchase a tracing paper and an alphabet book. Your child can then trace the letters over and over again, and slowly but surely, his or her handwriting will improve.

Buy lots of erasers for your child

Mistakes and errors are not always negative. At times, these mistakes can be really helpful, and your kids can learn a lot after making these mistakes. Your child will also make a lot of mistakes while practicing to improve handwriting. Thus, you should purchase a set of erasers for your kid, so that he or she can use them freely.

Make learning fun

You can make learning fun and interesting for your child, by purchasing stationery in different sizes, colours and shapes. Buy cute and colorful notebooks, pens, pencils and other stationery, so that your kid feels motivate to work and write more.


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Try these tested techniques to help kids gain an interest in their handwriting

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Try these tested techniques to help kids gain an interest in their handwriting

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