Great topics for Quantitative Research

Great topics for Quantitative Research

Research is basically a process where a student undergoes the coherence of systematic inquiry that includes the collection of data, attestation of critical information, examination and explanation of information, in accordance with appropriate methodologies set by professional and academic guidelines. As the definition itself suggests, every researcher follows the aspect of systematic approach.

So, if you have worked on a research assignment before, you must be familiar with some systematic approach. However, under this blog, we will majorly focus on the quantitative approach for conducting research.

Quantitative research

Under the quantitative research approach, the researcher tries to define a systematic investigative process by gathering some of the quantifiable data and further performing mathematical, statistical or computational techniques.

Here, the researcher is told to collect the information based on existing and potential resources, using different sampling methods and set out questionnaires, online polls, online surveys etc. The result for the same is depicted in the form of numerical data. After careful considering these numbers and stats, we can further predict the future of a product or a service and make considerable changes.

Characteristics of Quantitative research

Quantitative research is all set to deal with the theory of numbers, stats, logic and a future objective. Following are the major characteristics of this type of research-

The research study can be easily replicated or repeated based on its feature of higher reliability. The data gets collected based on some structured research instruments- survey, samples, questionnaire etc. Being a researcher, it is your responsibility to define the research question clearly. The results brought from this research are simply based on larger sampler sizes.

Data is generally represented in the form of number or statistics, which can be drawn in the form of charts, tables, figures, or other non-textual elements. Before the collection of data, make sure that each aspect of the study is designed clearly with great caution.

Few tips for adopting a Quantitative research method

In order to write one of the best research papers based on the use of a quantitative approach, follow these few tips that will guide you towards phenomenal results.

Try explaining the assumptions for each step and procedure

Make sure that you report all the unanticipated events that took place during the process of data collection

Choose a minimal statistical procedure

Provide sample sizes, confidence intervals, and descriptive statistics for each variable

Explain the scenario of collected data and its statistical treatment

Explain the readers about the content in your tables and figures Use suitable tables to provide exact values

Topics for Quantitative research

Discuss the current deadline for the unemployment rate in India. Explain the effects of depression on the teen population for the past ten years. Analyze the growth of the healthcare sector in the US. How can online learning and modern technologies affect the education sector? What should an adult do in order to stay healthy and fit? ‘Ecotourism and its impact on the internet.’ Support your argument with relevant facts. The impact of substance abuse on young adults Do smart-phones affect the productivity level of the workplace?

Increased use of online websites and its environment of slowly replacing the sector of newspapers The present scenario of cyber-security and its role in the working of government The increasing number of startups and their growing success rates How can you explain the violent effects of video games, causing behavioral changes among kids? Prepare a detailed report on comparative criminal procedures. Explain the current state of sex education in the US.

Explain the effect of statistical changes made in the US economy since the last presidential election. Do you think that police brutality has reduced for now? Discuss the impact of #Metoo movement. Explain the impact of Brexit on the European economic sector. How is social media being used in addressing some of the important social issues? Do you think that citizen journalism has increased all because of the increased use of smart-phone users? Is there any connection between increased academic pressure and drug abuse?

Is social media becoming one of the major reasons behind sleep deprivation? How can you explain the loss of net neutrality and its impact on individual internet users? How has cell phone radiation affected the population of birds?

Define natural disasters and analyze its being in the last five years. Is big data analysis a threat to online privacy and security? Carefully analyze the contribution of farmers in the national GDP rate. Do you think that there is a need to implement censorship on the internet? All the topics mentioned above require a fair amount of quantitative analysis to reach a considerable conclusion.


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Great topics for Quantitative Research

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Great topics for Quantitative Research

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