February is here- Let’s talk about LOVE

February is here- Let’s talk about LOVE

Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. Madame de Stael You get it right. Though February is the shortest month of the year, people wait for it all the year, especially the young people. As kids enter into their teenage, they are introduced to the concept of love and romance.

Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann

February is here- Let’s talk about LOVE

As puberty hits, the young kids get a flavor of the romance. A lot of infatuations and some even get luckier and find their true love at such tender age. Many of you, who are reading this, will agree with me on that as we all have gone through it at some point. I have chosen this topic for today’s post as I feel February being the most romantic month of the year deserves a romantic post.

Through this post, we would walk down the memory lane, and I believe you will recall your memories of teenage love and romance. As we grow, our priorities change and so does the way we display our emotions. Kids are more vocal about their feelings and do not hide their emotions, and this is why they are happier than adults. As we age, we become less expressive and do not often express our love and care.

Does growing up means that we are not supposed to express ourselves? Can we not tell our parents or partner, how much we love them and care for them? I strongly disagree with this belief. We are expected to be more mature and settled, but that doesn’t mean we have to hide our emotions under a cloak, for emotions make us human otherwise, we would be nothing but robots. God has made us with love, and we should respect our creator’s choice. He gave us intellect and the opportunity to express our emotional state.

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February is here- Let’s talk about LOVE

Even animals and birds express their feelings in their language. Those of you, who have pets can relate to it completely, as you reach home, your dog comes and greet you and shows its love. He may not express its love using words, but the little gestures displayed by it are enough to comprehend the happiness. Love is something that can be felt with heart, but we hide our love and think that the other person would understand it.

But how can that be possible? You must have experienced dicey situations when you have doubted the love of your loved ones. When you cannot understand the feelings of others as they send mixed signals, how can they understand your feelings? It is entirely illogical. I know life has become hectic, and you may hardly get any time off your work and studies. Still, I request you to take some time out and sit for some time with your family, and those who matter to you the most.

Though at the start of this post, we took a short tour of the old times, this post is not about the love you share with your partner, but a holistic view on the concept of love. Love is a unique feeling amongst all as it can instantly make you feel happy, but you should maintain love in all your relationships. Life is simple people, don’t complicate it. Express what you feel and let your loved ones know how much you love them.

February is my bday month & valentines day <3<3<3 | Welcome february,  February valentines, February wallpaper

February is here- Let’s talk about LOVE

February has already arrived, as the week of romance is approaching, let’s try and make all those people feel special who are important. You can give a rose to your mother or sister or father, these days are meant for love, and we should celebrate all the valuable relationships that we acquire throughout our lives. Stay happy, feel loved. I hope this month of love will bring a lot of happiness and bliss into your life.


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February is here- Let’s talk about LOVE

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February is here- Let’s talk about LOVE

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