Facts About Cryptography That You Should Know About

Some facets about encrypting data which you should be aware of

20 Jul, 2017


Facts About Cryptography That You Should Know About

Have you ever sent a secret message to your friends which only you and they understood? Developing a secret language of signs and symbols was so much fun back then that we never paused and thought about it. This process of encrypting the data from plain text(readable text) to cipher text(coded text) using some kind of key(the symbols predefined) is known as cryptography. The text which is the resultant of the cryptography is known as encrypted text or coded text.

The experts offering cryptography assignment help to the students have conveyed that although this subject has a lot to study and explore, only a few students are drawn towards the concepts of cryptography.

The reason behind this is the sophisticated algorithms which are being included in the curriculum of various universities. If you too are someone who finds the subject of encryption and decryption processes annoying, then read this blog till the end and find some of the facts of cryptography which would help you gain some interest in this subject.

Let’s get started!

Encrypted texts were ONLY for the military personnel initially

These coded texts were used by the military during the war to send secret messages, and the use of encrypted texts called ENIGMA gained immense popularity during World War II when the Germans used to send signals to troops in the US and attack a particular location. The cracking of these complex codes by Alan Turing and his team along with Turing machine led to the winning of world war and evolution of a different system which later came to be known as ‘computers.’

The private key and public key encryption were just the beginning

When the importance of hiding data was recognized, the researchers started to introduce new ways for the encryption. The algorithms such as triple DES, RSA, AES, SHA256, etc., were resultant of the same.

Security cannot be ensured by encryption only

Encryption can only hide the information from being read by any third party but never assured that the data will never be leaked. As the attackers are trying continuously to steal the data of the individuals, it is not guaranteed that the encryption algorithm used by you will be safe forever, you will have to upgrade it.

You cannot encrypt money

The most sought-after entity today is money and it cannot be encrypted at all. Even if you are someone who prefers plastic money instead of cash, you cannot rest and sigh a heave of relief as your ID and password are always at risk of being stolen by the security threats.

Encryption was practiced long before the Internet

It is an unusual fact that the encryption techniques were practised well before any kind of network communication was introduced. Although the techniques were a bit less complicated because the calculations were done manually, this never became a barrier in sending coded signals.


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Facts About Cryptography That You Should Know About

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Facts About Cryptography That You Should Know About

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