Some Mind-Boggling Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Get enlightened of some amazing facts about AI

13 Mind-Blowing Things Artificial Intelligence Can Already Do Today –

Some Mind-Boggling Facts About Artificial Intelligence

23 Nov, 2017


Artificial Intelligence is one of those things that science fiction novelists and hollywood movies have had enough fun with. People often picture something along the lines of the Terminator movies or SKYNET when they hear the term “Artificial Intelligence.” Every portrayal of Artificial Intelligence is negative. Are the computers really trying to kill us?

Let’s take a read through the blog given by Artificial Intelligence assignment help providers associated with Global Assignment Help, and get enlightened of a few astonishing factoids of Artificial Intelligence.

Most AI are “Female”
All the AIs with which you might have interacted, are females. Well, there is no specific reason for the same, but both males and females like the female voice more than the male. And, no matter if you ask Google Now, Siri, or Cortana, there will be a female voice responding to you.

AI Researchers Explain Facts That Blew Their Minds

Some Mind-Boggling Facts About Artificial Intelligence

AI Can Surpass Human’s Intelligence
With the efficient use of the AI, the systems are becoming pretty smart, more than we expect them to! And, in future, they might be more intelligent than humans. To account the same, consider the example of a machine which cracked a highly complicated mathematical problem known as ‘Erdos Discrepancy Problem’. We do not even know whether the solution is accurate or not because it involves complex calculations.

They never make mistakes
Sometimes, due to lack of diligence humans tend to make mistakes which can give rise to unexpected circumstances. To overcome this, we needed a machine, and the requirement has been fulfilled now. We have machines that not only perform every task with utmost precision but also learn simultaneously.

They can repair themselves
It was mentioned in a paper that one of the robots had six wheels, and it broke two of them while working. Though it took some time, it realized that something was affecting its performance. Eventually, it found out ‘what’ via a trial & error method, and repaired itself. This might sound scary, but it’s true!

They can predict future
One of the fascinating developments in the field of artificial intelligence is an Altix supercomputer called ‘Nautilus.’ It appears that, to a certain degree, Nautilus can predict the future. For example, it was able to predict where Osama Bin Laden was hiding within 125 miles, and was also able to predict the Arab Spring that started in December of 2010. Impressive indeed!

Mind Boggling Facts and Statistics about Artificial Intelligence

Some Mind-Boggling Facts About Artificial Intelligence

They might pose real threat to humans
Although they have not yet developed entirely, still they make the humans vulnerable. AI will make the roads safer, help in medicine, aid the disabled and the elderly, work customer service and some countless other jobs. However, AI also poses an incredible threat and this is stated by the influential people, namely Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

These were a few of the many surprising facts about Artificial Intelligence that you should know about.

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Mind Boggling Facts and Statistics about Artificial Intelligence


Some Mind-Boggling Facts About Artificial Intelligence

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Some Mind-Boggling Facts About Artificial Intelligence

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