Different Career Options Civil Engineers Can Opt

Variety of jobs for a civil engineer

28 Dec, 2017


The time you complete your degree from any specialization is the time you start experiencing Deja Vu’. It’s the time when you find yourself asking the same question all over again,” I completed my studies (yet again). What should I do now?” Honestly, if you wish to become anything, you can find your way to be, using the Internet. Study material is very easy to be researched over the web.

A civil engineering graduate has an abundance of fields to choose a career from. A few options put a scholar’s degree to use straight away; the others employ the knowledge we gain through the course.

Given are a few essential job profiles for a civil engineer:

1.Building Control Surveyor

Construction of a building goes through several different stages. Be it designing or mid-construction, a Building Control Surveyor has to maintain his presence at the site. They have to make sure that the project follows the regulations and legislation that apply to a particular type of building. They also have to suggest the adjustments that can be done if the building is not meeting the requirements.

Apart from just the constructing aspect of a building, a BCS also has to consider the properties of the building site to inspect the different hazards.

2.Consulting Civil Engineer

As a consulting civil engineer, you get to live your dream of designing significant bridges, buildings, power plants, and highways. After developing the models, you need to supervise the construction. In that process, you’ll have to manage different teams of masons, architects, and quantity surveyors, etc.

Apart from the building perspective, you also focus on the funding part of it. You have to take responsibilities for every mishap on your own, so you better be aware of every single penny spent during a project.

3.Site and Structural Engineer

A site engineer monitors work at the construction site. The first day of their job on a new project goes into planning a construction program while taking the soil and the weather into consideration. They are also responsible for the different structural tests at the construction site, for it has to be made sure that only high-quality building material passes the quality check. A little research today can protect several lives tomorrow.

4.Environmental Consultant

There are a lot of buildings that violate the regulations to protect the environment. There are ways how it can be done such as inappropriately dumping the sewage, building chimney on a low level, and dumping highly toxic waste, etc. An environmental consultant has to take care that such devastating activities mustn’t take place. They can either disapprove the construction or suggest some changes in the building techniques.

5.Quantity Surveyor

The job profile of a quantity surveyor is to manage all the costs in a way that the desired quality of a building can be delivered at the lowest prices. They have to make sure that the building material can withstand the statuary building regulations, as they design a budget. It could be a consulting engineer, a site, and structural engineer, or a contractor who can hire a quantity surveyor for the project. To go with the recommendations is also a choice which a few engineers mess up while making.

There are a lot of good things you could be doing as a civil engineer. You can become an environmentalist and get a degree in it. Whatever you’ll say to protect the environment, will then be an authorized statement. However, if you are planning to work in the construction field, you need to master the civil engineering techniques that you can employ at work.

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Different Career Options Civil Engineers Can Opt

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Different Career Options Civil Engineers Can Opt

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