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If you are a student planning to work on a paper that involves statistical data analysis such as research project, dissertation paper location of features or boundaries around a given area, one of the main challenges you are bound to face is getting a good understanding of the data you have collected. This is the main reason you will need to seek expert data analysis help. Geographical or statistical data analysis can never be done in a successful way without first knowing the best data set, the analysis method, and software to use in testing.

Owing to the limited time, lack of relevant resources and even lack of professional skills, students working on a paper that requires data analysis may need some professional help on how to work in various stages of data analysis. If you need data analysis help, you have come to the right place. We are a team of expert data analysts who are capable to assist with your data analysis projects.

Data Analysis Help

What is Data Analysis?

In definition, data analysis is the process of obtaining raw data and converting it into useful information for informing conclusions as well as supporting decision-making by users. More often than not, data is gathered and analyzed to test hypotheses, answer questions or disprove theories.

For most students, the lack of data isn’t an issue. In fact, there is too much data that is available to draw an accurate conclusion. Contrary, what you may lack is better data analysis. When you are equipped with the right data analysis procedure and tools, what you consider an overwhelming exercise becomes simple and easy to work out for a concise result. In order to improve your data analysis skills, here is the data analysis process.

  • Data Requirements

Data are important inputs to the analysis and is specified upon the requirements of those guiding the analysis or the consumers of the analysis. The common type of entity upon which the data is collected is referred to as an experimental unit for example population of people. Particular variables about a population such as age or incomes may be specified and obtained. In many cases, data is either numerical or categorical.

  • Data Collection

Data can be collected from various sources. The requirements are often communicated by analysts to custodians of data such as personnel in the information technology department within an organization. Besides, data can also be gathered from sensors strategically located in the environment such as satellites, traffic cameras, recording devices among others. It can also be obtained through interviews, documentation, and online sources.

  • Data Processing

Data that is obtained must be processed or otherwise organized for analysis purposes. Data processing involves placing data into columns and rows in a table for further analysis. It can be within a spreadsheet or in statistical software.

  • Data Cleaning

One data has been processed and organized, it may be either incomplete, contain duplicates or even errors. These discrepancies often arise from the way data is entered and stored. As such, data cleaning is required in order to correct all these errors. Data cleaning may involve tasks such as record matching, identifying duplications, data inaccuracy, column segmentation and the general quality of collected data. Data cleaning process depends on the type of data collected. For instance, quantitative data methods for outlier detection can be utilized to identify and do away with wrongly entered data.

  • Modeling and Algorithms

Models called algorithms or mathematical formulas may be used to identify relationships among variable is the data such as causation or correlation. Models may be developed to estimate a specific variable in the data based on the variables in the data set with errors depending on how accurate the model is.

  • Data Product

This refers to a computer application that uses data inputs to produce outputs, feeding them back to the users. It may be based on an algorithm or model that analyzes data regarding your subjects.

  • Communication

Once you have analyzed your data, you may then report it in many various formats as required by your college guidelines. You can report it through the use of charts and tables.

Why Data Analysis is so important?

Data analysis forms an integral part of research and dissertation projects. In the data analysis section of your research, you try to attain the following:

  • Provide an overview of how data collection process contribute to determining the correctness of your hypothesis
  • Establish the relevance of the data
  • Provide you with the option to show your clear understanding of the theory or hypothesis
  • Helps the assessor understand the importance of carrying out the research and whether it addresses the issue properly or not.

Since data analysis is the most important part of your research, it should be written as meticulously as possible because erroneous data analysis can sabotage your whole research work and eventually your grades. If you are writing your research work, it is vital that you get data analysis help from expert data analyzers in order to be sure you have the right outcomes from the data you collected.

Data Analysis: Where to Look for Help!

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Data Analysis Help

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Data Analysis Help