Creating a sustainable environment

Creating a sustainable environment


Achieving sustainability in this dynamic world is a really challenging problem that all the nations are facing. And it is only by facing the problem collectively, together as a united world, that the issue can be addressed. Clean water, unpolluted air and fertile land are a must to lead a healthy and disease-free life. However, we are so surrounded by toxins and pollutants, that leading a healthy life seems to be a far-fetched dream, and breathing in clean and fresh air has now become a thing of the past.

We must focus on proper waste disposal, waste water treatment and hygiene in our surroundings to achieve a sustainable environment. It is high time now that we work forward to eliminate the disgrace that surrounds wastage of water and lack of sanitation, so that we, as a society, can also benefit for the advantages that flow from better hygiene and sanitation.

Lack of adequate sanitation is what causes the most significant threat to health, and then goes on to cause premature death, environmental degradation and other related diseases. It also messes up with the human potential for growth and development, and ruins the growth of the society at large. What further aggravates problems and creates troubles is the rapid population explosion in the country.

With the population growing each and every day, the negative consequences that the environment is facing are manifold. Firstly, the pressure on the land is increasing, and on the same piece of land, a larger number of people are now living. This means that they are extracting more and more resources from the same finite resource, and consequently, a day will come when all of the resource would have been used up, and nothing would be left for the survival of mankind.

The resources that are available for the cultivation of food crops are also limited, and there is no way we can increase the available land. The only option left with us is to grow high yielding varieties of crops, which again increases the pressure on the land. Pesticides are often used by farmers to achieve this end, and in the long term, it makes the land barren. It also introduces harmful chemicals and foreign objects into the land, and it is these toxic elements that later on mix up with the water, to further heighten the problems.

Every element of nature is linked to one another, you see, and by harming one, you are seriously hampering the others.   Let us now shift our attention from land to water quality issues, which are perhaps the greatest threat to mankind. Water pollution is not an unheard of phenomenon. Even though cities have been designed efficiently, water contamination is bound to occur at some or the other point.

When rain mixes with nitrogen and sulphur in the upper airs of the atmosphere, it turns to acid rain, and a very important source of fresh water is destroyed for mankind. When humans recklessly throw waste into water bodies, the water becomes unfit for consumption. The harmful chemicals that we inject into the land also mingle with the water in various water bodies, and are another prominent cause of water contamination.

The technical solutions that come up to solve any of these kinds of environmental pollution must be thought of keeping in mind the behavioral and social characteristics of the individuals who inhabit the society, and also the basic infrastructure of the city and how urban development affects it. With diminishing water resources, climatic uncertainties are also on the rise, and the government is under pressure like never before.

The government now has to think about the effective and efficient use of human, financial and natural resources available to us, in order to ensure sustainable development and growth. This is only how we can safeguard the environment for the generations to come.


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Creating a sustainable environment

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Creating a sustainable environment

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