communicating with your professor during office hours

communicating with your professor during office hours


The college is all about learning and growth. Professors play a significant role in the success of your academic life. Making a healthy relationship with your professors can help you keep your GPA up and better understanding your course material. Talking to your teacher is an essential part of a student’s life and if you haven’t spoken to your professor yet, and you must start now!

Having a real-time discussion with your teacher is vital for so many reasons. If you don’t understand any material, you don’t waste your time struggling with it and can straight up ask your professor about it.  You can get the extra information about the course that is not in the syllabus.  You start to feel more confident in your academic environment. While talking to your professor, you should be calm and less stressed and be professional.

Here are a few tips on how to speak to your teacher that will help you keep your confidence and professionalism.

Take an appointment

During the office hours, professors are busy with grading papers, preparing for classes and doing research. It’s important to make an appointment before you show up in their office. If they are late, then you must wait for them and later can leave a note. If you are not able to show up, apologize to them in person and try to reschedule the meeting. Before meeting your professor, know what you want from them.

Know that your professors want to help you

Respect your teacher for their expertise. Don’t think negative about them, that they will not assist you enough, or will ask trick questions. Know that they can help you figure out how to solve a problem. They can make you understand how to prepare for their test so that you can do better. Be open to suggestions and ask questions about what they can recommend. Remember, they are there to guide you along your academic life.

Be prepared

It is important to arrive with a particular issue you want to work on.  Prepare your notes to outline your ideas in which you seem to be disorganized and unclear.  Being prepared shows your desire to grow. Note down the questions to help you remember things if you become anxious. Do some advance reading on the subjects you are interested in asking questions about. Approach them with your thoughts and issues about what they taught in the previous class. It shows them that you are interested and the time they have spent on the lectures hasn’t gone wasted. Take a notepad with you and take short notes on what your professor is explaining during the meeting.

Be honest

Teachers are very understanding and flexible when it comes to student dealing with any problems. If you are facing any problems, whether they are academically, personally or otherwise (which are affecting your academic life), don’t hesitate and be honest about sharing your issues with your professor. They will understand your problems and why and what you lack in the class. It also helps to make your relationship healthy with your teacher.

Be polite and professional

Always be professional while talking to your professor.  Speak to them as you would speak to your boss. Address them by their title like Professor Paul, stop swearing on things, making inappropriate jokes or getting too personal with them. Be respectful and polite, even if they are enabled to answer some of the questions especially the way you want.

Know your professor

You don’t have to spend the entire office hours knowing about your teacher’s life. Still, it is always nice to take out some time and to get to know your professor.  Be respectful and decent concerning their personal boundaries while asking them any personal questions. You can ask them “how did they choose their field of study?”, What do they like most about teaching at that university? “what other interest do they have outside of their job?”.  Talking about out of course can establish a healthy working relationship with your professor.


Teachers see many faces daily. It’s important to interact with your professor during the office hours to develop a better professional relationship with them. Many teachers are delighted to know their students on a one-on-one level outside of the classroom. Keep your point of sharing your major, interests and goals.

Feel free to ask questions about the certain topic you are confused about and take the time to get to know them. Like said earlier, your professor is there to guide you through your academic life, and they love seeing your eagerness of learning in their class.     This article has been written by the assignment helper at Make my assignment. Stay connected for more…




communicating with your professor during office hours

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communicating with your professor during office hours

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