Common writing errors that mar the overall quality of an assignment

Common writing errors that mar the overall quality of an assignment


In your academic life, you will face a situation many times wherein you have written a fine quality assignment, but you still don’t get the grades that you think you deserved. You will find that the researched content was relevant, the writing style was appropriate and there was no discrepancy in the overall framework of the coursework and the references.

What could then possibly be the reason that things turned out this way? Students often forget that the small inconsistencies also make a huge difference to your overall writing, and it is these small errors that irritate the checker and cause them to award you low grades.

Grammatical errors

Grammatical errors creep in often when students do not use tenses the right way. This is the most common mistake that students always make, and this then lands them into trouble since they end up getting lesser marks than they expected. You should keep a check on such errors while writing the assignment, and also make sure that you take out time to proofread the entire coursework after you have completed it.

You can also make use of apps such as Grammarly which do a spelling and grammar check for you free of cost, and point out all errors in the assignment. Spelling errors A lot of students have difficulty in spelling out words correctly, and nothing annoys a teacher more than a mis-spelt word. These errors creep in because some words are genuinely quite difficult to spell, while other words are quite similar, (such as accept and except) and students get confused between them.

Be careful while using such words when you write your assignment. Feel free to consult a dictionary and a thesaurus to make sure that you get the words correctly.

Using extravagant language

Students believe that using floral language and fancy words will impress the checker, and they will secure good marks in their assignment. This is a completely wrong notion, and students end up losing marks ultimately if they commit these kinds of errors.

It is advisable to use plain language for all academic writing. This is because it not only reduces your chances of making mistakes while writing, but also makes it easy for the reader to go through your assignment. On the contrary, language that is too vivid and has a lot of creative words or technical jargon can lead to negative marking by the professor.

Errors in the sentence structure

A lot of students don’t structure their sentences well while writing their assignment. They often write extra long sentences and don’t use the correct words to connect these sentences. This degrades your writing quality, and as a result, you may not be able to get the desired grades. Even after taking care of all the above, if you still don’t score well in your assignments, feel free to avail our assignment writing services.


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Common writing errors that mar the overall quality of an assignment

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Common writing errors that mar the overall quality of an assignment

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