Common Mistakes to avoid in Essay Writing

Common Mistakes to avoid in Essay Writing


Essay writing is an essential part of academic life, and it comes in many forms that serve specific purposes. Be it application essay, resume essay or academic essay, each one of them requires precision in work and writing, bringing out the best results out of it. At times, we stuck ourselves around things that are not so important, but we think it as an essential source to bring change and betterment in our essays.

However, what we need to know here is that we must first find out the mistakes made in our essay that are stopping us from drafting an authenticated piece of content. Spelling mistakes, punctuation and other forms of errors made in academic essays deteriorate the quality of your work, making it look a bit imperfect in every sense.

So, students must always make sure that their content is quite authentic and beneficial enough to serve the purpose of writing. In order to know more about the common mistakes that you make in your essay, take a look at this blog that can help you out with the process.

Inappropriate essay planning

When the audience is not clear about what you write, and your work loses focus, then you must create connectivity amidst your content that erases the inability to acknowledge. Also, you cannot achieve your aim properly if there’s no proper continuation in your content.

Inappropriate title

Title speaks a lot more than words you write for your essay. Its the first thing that the reader reads in your content. So make sure that you write the title in a manner, which is quite impressive in the eyes of the readers.

Inappropriate introduction and conclusion

The starting sentences of your introductory paragraph should hook the readers to your content, making them read till the end. To manage the paradigm and consistent performance in your content, make sure that you also provide a proper ending to your content.

Running sentences

Often with the flow of writing, the writer puts two or more pieces of information together under the same tag, which is not beneficial if you are to draft a perfect piece of content. Such sentences are often subjected as run-on sentences, and they need to be avoided in every sense. Also, long sentences are not good if you want to serve the purpose of quality reading.

Improper page layout and presentation

Content alone is not effective to ensure the quality of your work. You must look at the presentation first when you are done with the writing section. Presentation matters a lot when your work is being assessed, so don’t avoid it while writing.

Tense errors

Managing tense while writing or speaking is a very critical aspect that needs to be considered well during the process. A switch or change in tense can simply change the meaning of your whole content, which is quite invalid to the purpose of your serving. So make sure that before you submit the final copy of your content, replace the incorrect tenses with valid ones.

Inappropriate referencing

Knowing what to reference and what not is a common issue with every student. So make sure that you keep a close eye to the reference points that need to be included in your essay.

Spelling errors

Though this is a very minor point, but spelling mistakes need to be edited well in your assignment. Spelling mistakes not only make the work look incomplete and weak but also makes it a bit ineffective in the eyes of the readers.

Contradictory statements

Be it incorrect information or mismatched one; both can lead to contradictory statements that need to be avoided in your essay.

Incomplete sentences

Not only in the case of essay writing but in every piece, you must complete your sentences carefully that are essential to manage the flow of writing in your content. So keep a check on it and proofread every sentence before final submission.



So this was all about the common mistakes committed by students in their essay while writing one. Apart from this, if you need any kind of help with your essays or assignments, do contact our online academic writing services that offer professional guidance with high-quality work and content.




Common Mistakes to avoid in Essay Writing

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Common Mistakes to avoid in Essay Writing

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