Challenges faced by International Students

Challenges faced by International Students

Challenges International Students Face While Living in Australia

Challenges faced by International Students

Academic career is an important aspect of a student’s life. Domestic students often complain about the things at the university regarding education, teaching staff and other essential services. However, this is just a bunch of problems that domestic students face these days.

But, have you ever wondered of how international students are managing their studies abroad in a different nation or what challenges are they facing while studying abroad? Well, not all of us would have ever thought about this aspect, especially if we too are a part of the domestic student batch. But, in reality, international students face many challenges as compared to our academic career, where our problems do not appear to be that great in front of theirs.

Regardless of what nation or state you migrate to for education, challenges always stand beside your way to bring in the complex side of your academic career. If you are also thinking of studying abroad in a different nation, then this blog is what you need to look at because here we have mentioned a few challenges faced by international students along with the ways to overcome them.

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Challenges faced by international students and how to overcome them |  Kettle Mag

Challenges faced by International Students

Language Barrier

As you may all know that not every international student is fluent in English, due to which they often face difficulties in speaking a foreign language. Not just this, because of the language barrier, they also have to face struggles with their coursework and other academic activities.

In order to overcome this issue, students must try to involve themselves more in lectures and online tutorials, while taking part in general academic activities as well. Students can also take part in the language support programs often arranged by universities and can also work on improving their English.

Cultural Barrier

The excitement of studying in a foreign university often gets faded away the moment you land there and witness a completely different culture of people, who speak different languages, eat different foods and socialize differently.

Interacting with new people and getting into a bunch of friends or mates with a different culture is not easy for many students, especially for the ones who belong to the introvert category.

In order to build up a connection with people from different culture, try to connect yourself with the like-minded individuals because culture alone is not the only factor to separate you from the general bounds. You can practice learning their language, even some of their slang that might make you belong from the same culture.


At times, it is obvious enough to miss your land and people, especially when you are placed in some other country for long. For most of you, it might be easy to relocate to a new place, but for the ones who are home-bound, it appears to be a bit difficult for them to manage their studies in a different nation.

Challenges Faced by International Students - 2021 Free Study - 2022

Challenges faced by International Students

You must try to adjust with the people there as this is the only solution that can bring you out of the situation and home-bound anxiety. You can also join clubs or groups dedicated to students from a particular country so that you never feel alone, even in a different nation.

Difficulty in understanding the lectures

Another crucial challenge faced by many international students is that they often face difficulties in comprehending their class lectures. And as a result, they score poor grades in academics. If you also belong in the same category, then you can take help from your fellow mates or friends to share the notes and other essential things that can help you understand the key notes covered in the classroom.

Difficulty in academic writing

Academic writing does not appear to be everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to studying abroad in a highly-reputed university. You need to have adequate knowledge, and complete understanding of the subject or topic talked about in the classroom. The best way to overcome this issue is to practice writing.

If you practice daily, then you can improve the aspects and techniques involved in writing and match your context with the others. When we talk about academic writing, it is not necessary that you need to compile one every single time the project is assigned to you, even if its the most difficult one to relate.

In this situation, you can take help from online academic writing experts that offer professional guidance along with high-quality content and authenticated assignments for both domestic and international students. Their services appear to be quite pocket friendly for students, so there’s no burden of losing their whole money in buying one.

So, whenever you feel like taking help from experts, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help.

Challenges faced by International Students

Challenges faced by international students in australia

Challenges faced by International Students

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Challenges faced by International Students

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