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Intelligence is a factor which is imperative for everybody to do a job effortlessly. But sometimes this factor can create traps while writing an essay or homework given by your faculties. Although it sounds very unreasonable, sometimes intellect comes in the way of good writing. If you are a student and you have to write articles, technical or essay writing, then there are possibilities that intelligence can lead you into the pitfall of poor writing.

As a student advisor, I will explain the various types of intelligence factors which need to be avoided to become a good writer. These will not only help you to write better but also help you in writing of your assignments to score good marks. Some of the more general traps are given below:

You should avoid thinking that everyone has the same knowledge as you have.

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Put your best efforts and take your time to make clear difficult concepts, and don’t forget to use examples which a reader can easily relate to. For example, a cardiology (someone who studies about the heart) might explain the better functionalities of heart, its problems and how to avoid them.

Make it easy for your readers to understand by using examples which they can understand. Giving multiple examples is better than writing complexly. It might just happen sometimes that while explaining something you might omit some words, due to which the reader can’t understand what you want to convey to them.

In your writing, you should express yourself very clearly, and it should also be written properly. By doing this your readers will be amazed by the things you have written and the examiner too will give you a good score. You need to remember that if you forgot to write just one word, it will create a negative impression on your reader.

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Try to avoid using difficult words in your writing, especially those words which are not familiar to common readers. For teachers, that’s a totally different case. If you are thinking that using difficult words in your writing will prove that you are smart, then you are wrong. This gives an idea of you being pretentious and out of touch with your readers.

Stay away from mind blindness. To prove this psychologist, use one example of a kid entering a classroom, opening a box of pens and found out that it filled with pencils. At that time, the child tried to hide that box because any other kid if see that box will claim for the same. This example proves that to some folks does not want to show their extra knowledge in fear of that other individuals don’t know what they know.

Every person has a right to showcase his knowledge and the intelligence. However, there are drawbacks of these factors too. If a person showcases his knowledge and skills at the right place and at right time, then you can capture the hearts of people but if you do it in vice versa then it can have a negative impact on the people. So use your knowledge wisely. This article is written by our assignment expert at Make My Assignments. For any Assignment Help contact us.


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