Things you need to remember before submitting your Master’s Thesis

Things you need to remember before submitting your Master’s Thesis



Writing a thesis project is not an easy task. According to students, it is one of the most difficult tasks to perform, as this gets counted as a major project for qualifying the degree program. So they cannot risk this project or take it lightly, as they might fail the semester if not done properly. Irrespective of the degree you are pursuing, writing a thesis has always been a difficult task. If there’s no proper guidance provided to students, the process for writing thesis might become really complex for them.

There are many things that one needs to consider about while writing a thesis, especially when you are writing it for your master’s degree. It is very important for a student to already know about what all is needed for the project, as later, they might not get enough time for their master’s thesis.

Things you need to remember before submitting your Master’s Thesis

Before submitting your thesis, there are certain things that you need to check, so make sure you follow these steps-

Check the printing requirements of your thesis

Make sure that you do not leave things for the last minute. Different universities have different guidelines for assignments and thesis. Some of them are also required to submit their thesis electronically. But most of the students are told to submit multiple printed copies of their project along with a specific format. So as a student, you should always check the regulations and guidelines provided by the university beforehand and make sure that you prepare your thesis in the same format.

Check whether everything is right or not with the title page

Some of the universities also mention about the things to be included on the title page. Before submitting your thesis, make sure that you do not violate these regulations and include everything that is wanted by the university. It is very important for you to check every spelling and word on the title page as it comes in the beginning. As compared to other pages, the title page comprises the least use of words. Therefore, even a single mistake gets noticed easily. You would not like to risk your first impression with a bad or incorrect title page.

Get the printed copy of your thesis

Once you are done with the writing part of your thesis, the next step is to actually acquire the hard copy of that thesis. This part, too, deserves a relevant place in the list because most of the time, trivial things are left for last moment. Leaving such a thing to last minute is nothing but a mistake. The thesis comprises a long document, and so it would take time to print. Plan everything accordingly and visit the printing shop in advance. Tell the shopkeeper about the format you need and ask whether or not it’s possible.

Things you need to remember before submitting your Master’s Thesis

Contact the authority for submission

Generally, most of the universities have a central office where the students are supposed to submit their thesis. But when you are pursuing a Ph.D. degree, then you have to submit your thesis to the professor or the person assigned. The point here is that no matter where you are supposed to submit your thesis, you should always inform the body beforehand and let them know what you are planning to submit. Contact the office and ask them whether any paperwork is required or not. Ask them about the other important documents as well that need to be submitted along with your thesis.

Prepare all the paperwork

Before handing over your thesis to the office, make sure that you are well-prepared with the paperwork that is needed. You will have to fill out some forms and formalities, and this includes the undertaking part that is usually submitted to confine that your work is authentic in nature and that you give the university or college the permission to share your work publicly.

Don’t forget to put in your thanks and acknowledgments

You need to dedicate a page that thanks your partners, friends, colleagues, your supervisor, and everybody else who has assisted or provided support to you in the course of preparing your thesis. Make sure that this page is included in your thesis before submitting it to the teacher.

Things you need to remember before submitting your Master’s Thesis

Proofread the thesis for one last time

No matter how many times you check your work, there are some mistakes that are always left behind. Since you’ve written the thesis, you are least likely to find mistakes in it. Therefore, you might want to ask someone else to check your document for mistakes. So before submitting a final draft of your assignment, make sure that you proofread it well. These mistakes are found to be extremely annoying by the examiner, so be careful about the content you write and type.

Check the graphs, tables and everything else

It is essential to check all the grammatical mistakes or spelling errors before submitting your thesis to the teacher, but on the other hand, it is also important for you to check all the graphs, tables, and images included in your document. So once you’ve made all the formatting changes in your document, it is prudent that you go back and check all the tables and graphs for mistakes. Make sure that you check the quality and size of the image as well.

Things you need to remember before submitting your Master’s Thesis

Check for plagiarism

Universities follow a strict guideline against plagiarism and so the students are required to submit their thesis with original work and content. Make sure that you check your content well before submission, as plagiarism can easily annoy your examiners or professors. In such a situation, the examiner might think that you’ve intentionally copied someone else’s content and tried to pass it as your own.




Things you need to remember before submitting your Master’s Thesis

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Things you need to remember before submitting your Master’s Thesis

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