The dying art of storytelling in the classroom


The world has been influenced and obsessed by the web for over last decade. The people nowadays can’t imagine a life without it. It is a fact that the internet has begun controlling many aspects of our lives. Dozens of industries have helped the internet giving away to its power.

Almost everything is now shifted to the internet, including newspaper, music, books, novels, and now slowly university lectures are also shifting to online lectures. There are some universities which have now phased out the lectures in their undergraduate courses. It is due to the reason that the attendance of the students in these lectures is very depressing.

According to research done the percentage of the students’ attendance in these lectures is equal to 50%. It is also a fact that the classroom lectures are an amazing way to learn something. The reason behind it is that one expert stands in front of many students and teaches them for an hour or so on a specific topic. Learning in a class depends all on the students that whether they pay attention in the class or they look out of the window.

A teacher can scold a student to pay attention, but in the end, it all depends on the student. There are some ways in which the teachers can drag the attention of the students towards the subjects. They are listed as follows:

Here's Why I Stopped Using Lectures in My Classroom |

1. Performance commitment

A teacher who has a track record of producing good students uses the lecture hall for its true reason, to teach the students. To produce good quality of students, one needs to have a great concern in writing, rehearsing and performing their lectures using them to put up narratives, thereby holding the attention of the students.

It is also a fact that the teachers who do various kinds of activities in the class tend to have more percentage of the students’ attendance. As the world is shifting more towards online learning, the practice of curricular activities is vanishing. Earlier online videos were hardly made and experimenting with them was difficult and costly.

But now students in almost every location in Australia including NSW, Canberra look forward to these outstanding performers where they can judge them on their tedious, local live performances.

2. You need to adapt to the changes

For hundreds of years, classroom lectures are the base of the universities and the way of spreading the knowledge to their students. These lectures are showing their miracles at those times when books were very infrequent and when a teacher would just plainly read the subject to the students.

Classroom Lectures Professor Student The Teacher Clipart - Teacher Teaching  Students Png, Transparent Png - 1666x1147(#6751644) - PngFind

Now the universities and the teachers have to accept that the space of classroom lectures are vanishing rapidly in this age of the technology. It is because the students are changing and adapting to new technology coming every day and the universities are not adapting according to their children.

For having success, the university needs to adapt according to the students. They need to shift to the online virtual classroom courses in order to have a student’s full attendance.

We can’t deny the truth that he classroom lectures have their own charms as, an expert stands in front of the students and shares his or her knowledge and experience, interacts with them and engage with them as a friend outside the classroom. This article is written by our assignment expert at Make My Assignments. For any Assignment Help contact us.



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