5 Important C’s to keep in mind while Giving a Good Oral Presentation

5 C’s for Giving a Good Oral Presentation

The 4 C's of a Good Presentation

5 C’s for Giving a Good Oral Presentation

Giving presentations can be an unnerving business. It is so much you need to say, but so little time to say it in. Or maybe you feel that there is too much time and you are not sure how you are going to fill it. And there is this big stage, that intimidating podium, a large audience full of the people whom you like to call “colleagues” but at this moment they look like your competitors and your judges. Your research is good, but you get nervous speaking in public and are worried that you won’t do yourself and your science justice.


Engaging with your audience can be challenging, especially in larger groups, but if you can make a real connection your message will be taken and owned. Weaving in personal stories or case studies which tug on emotional triggers can be very effective and powerful. Also try to avoid death-by-PowerPoint, a surefire way to kill audience connection.


Keep calm and continue with your presentation. You don’t need to be nervous at all. There are many students and people who have a stage fear. They get nervous while standing on the stage in front of many people. This can lead to a poor presentation. Even if you have prepared very well for the presentation you can forget some very important things and can rush through the whole presentation.

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5 C’s for Giving a Good Oral Presentation

This is not a good thing. You need to overcome this fear and hold your own ground while presenting yourself. If you are calm, do not need to fear anyone standing in front of you, which will result in a good presentation.


Another factor which is important while giving a presentation is confidence. You need to be and sound confident. Now, there is a difference between confidence and over-confidence.

Be confident and not over-confidence. If you are confident while giving your presentation, you can impress anyone sitting in the room. If you have studied enough, you automatically gain confidence in yourself. You won’t fear to answer any questions because you know that you have studied and can tackle any question.


Now, next thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to describe your points very clearly. You need to describe them in such a way that the person sitting in front of you is able to apprehend what you are actually trying to say.

Oral presentation

5 C’s for Giving a Good Oral Presentation

No matter how complex the subject you are talking about, you must present it with clarity. Short sentences are better than long ones. It may also help to deploy keywords and phrases that you repeat throughout the presentation. Make sure that your presentation has a logical structure and that your arguments are presented in a coherent, easy-to-follow way. It is often a good idea to end your presentation with a recap of the main points, clearly expressed.


Even if you have 30 minutes or an hour at your disposal, keep the presentation concise. Don’t waffle. Keep your sentences as short as possible. Give as much detail as you need to give – and the amount of detail will vary according to the type of presentation – but give it in concise chunks. There is a difference between a written report and a presentation. In written papers, a person or a reader can go back and forth in case they miss out something.


However, in case of presentation they cannot. So you need to prepare your presentation in a concise manner that the viewer can grasp the main points. This article is written by our assignment expert at Academic Answers. For any Assignment Help contact us.

5 C’s for Giving a Good Oral Presentation

10 Tips For Giving An Oral Presentation

5 C’s for Giving a Good Oral Presentation

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5 C’s for Giving a Good Oral Presentation

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