Involvement of Machines and Artificial Intelligence Towards the Future of Nursing| simplified 2021

How Artificial Intelligence is Partnering With Nursing to Provide Care

Machines in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Towards the Future of Nursing| simplified 2021

There is a lot of  vast, complex constantly changing clinical information today that requires a refined skillset for practical application during patient care.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Nursing - Elite Learning

High quality nursing care depends on instantaneous processing and decisive action when interacting with abundant volumes of data. Artificial Intelligence offers a promising road ahead for the practice of nursing. Learning how to productively engage with this technology presents huge opportunity as AI has applications in virtually all specialties and nursing work settings so.

What is AI?

AI is a broad category of emerging technologies that aim to investigate, synthesize, learn, take action as well as deduce intelligence from various clinical systems and information sources. The technology helps support and in some cases supplement human tasks.

The goal of AI is to learn and adapt by providing responses and predictions over time that are faster and more relevant than human computing power.

A few examples of developing technologies that make use of AI, include:

  • Virtual reality
  • Voice assistive technology
  • Natural language processing
  • Image recognition
  • Robotics
  • Machine learning
  • Expert rule-based systems

How Artificial Intelligence Can Slow the Spread of COVID-19 - Knowledge@Wharton

AI uses complex logic and programming to learn about a topic rapidly and provide support, answers and action. The result is just-in-time informational synthesizing, suggested actions and even task completion.

Nurses partner with machines

Throughout the recent past, nurses have learned to adapt their workload and practice to the increasing rate of data that has resulted from the introduction of clinical information systems, electronic medical records and integrated medical equipment.

Whether these systems require manual data entry or have integrated components, the goal has always been the same, to collect clinical information. However, an evolutional shift is occurring. The technology focus is moving beyond implementing new systems to capture clinical data to establishing a whole new type of relationship between clinicians and machines.

How Is AI Used In Healthcare - 5 Powerful Real-World Examples That Show The Latest Advances

Computer processing now has the ability to interrogate these clinical data collection systems and surface answers to questions that are waiting to be asked and in some cases, that haven’t even been considered. These systems can predict future patient outcomes based on the identification of different trends in patient data.

Herein lies the opportunity for nursing: the ability to augment existing clinical intelligence by quickly processing through multiple sources of information to make recommendations, forecast results and assist with decisions.

Nurses welcome these new technological solutions as collaborators and the newest non-human contributing member to the patient care team.

Machines and AI applications in nursing

Nurses impact every aspect of patient care, from the cost of care to the overall patient experience. Within this spectrum of responsibility lies the prospect for a number of different technologies to use the computing power of AI to assist with nursing care.

Machines in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Towards the Future of Nursing| simplified 2021

The table below depicts a selection of AI technologies and their applications within the nursing profession.

Artificial Intelligence Technology
Application in Nursing
Virtual Reality – This is an image, environment or experience generated by the computer to interact with a seeming real one · Nursing education and simulations for mock learning exercises

· Supporting patients through virtual companions and educational assistive avatars

Voice Assistance – Makes use of voice commands to find the most relevant response at the moment ·Retrieves information concerning current nursing policies

·Answers patients questions for instance when upcoming tests are scheduled to be done

·Setting timers and reminders for nursing care tasks

Expert Systems – Solves complex problems by reasoning through multiple sources to process decisions more accurately and faster than human beings ·Predicting cost of care based on supplies used as well as services provided

·Anticipating at risk patient populations for sepsis, falls, readmission, relapse, increased length of stay and financial hardship

Machine Learning – Makes use of complex algorithms then improves automatically based on learned experience to process information ·Identifies a patient’s course on their care journey plan then initiates and completes tasks automatically for insane scheduling follow up appointments as well as sending results to team members that need to be notified
Visual Recognition – Processes streamed videos as well as physical images to identify and diagnose conditions ·Assesses and diagnoses skin as well as wound integrity

·Monitors breathing patterns

·Identifies non-verbal cues for depression, pain and anxiety

Nothing artificial about evolving nursing intelligence

Nurses have always been uniquely positioned to influence how technology is synthesized at the point of care. A new set of skills and practical knowledge is needed to interact with machines as an additional contributor to the care team.

AI technology is emerging as a partner with nursing to rapidly synthesize information, complete work, assist with clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes. Individually, each of these emerging technologies offers tremendous opportunity to improve care. Combining these solutions and educating nurses on how to best interact with machines will open unlimited solutions for efficiency, capacity, quality and healthcare transformation in the future.

Machines in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Towards the Future of Nursing| simplified 2021

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Machines in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Towards the Future of Nursing| simplified 2021

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